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All good outdoor lighting systems require professional design! Our vision and customized design is what makes us the best! Even the most expensive product on the market won’t provide the desired effect without correct spacing and placement. From determining proper lighting fixture types, calculating voltage drop, ensuring suitable LED bulb wattages and beam spreads, it all matters in order to achieve the outdoor lighting affect that leaves you in awe of a job well done.


Do you have an existing outdoor lighting system that isn’t quite up to par? While our lighting solutions are built to last, and backed by a lifetime warranty, other systems may not hold up well over time. Whether it came with the house, was DIY or installed by someone else, let us take a look at it and help you get it running like new again. There’s no charge for initial consultation and diagnosis!


Our lighting installation professionals are the best around. Our direct in-ground burial system allows us to put lights just about anywhere you want, and no cord will ever show! Retaining walls, sidewalks, trees, driveways, second story heights…we can go in, under, around or through our our outdoor lights. Whatever it takes to get the job done right. The best lighting designs require installation knowledge and skills to match, and we have it when you need it!


If you’re still holding onto those old halogen bulbs, let us upfit you to an LED lighting system! Forgot the days of that standard no choice “hospital white”, our LED bulb selection comes in a multitude of shades, from the warmest yellows to the whitest whites. In addition, LED bulbs have extremely low energy consumption and last 40,000 hours or more. More light, less energy. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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