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Outdoor Landscape Lighting Serving Holly Springs, North Carolina

Landscape Lighting Design in Holly Springs, NC


When the lawn is healthy and the landscaping is all said and done; many homeowners still search for that next step, feeling like something is missing. They ask themselves, "What else can I do to increase the beauty of my home?". This is where we come in. Our low-voltage outdoor landscape lighting systems are an efficient, affordable way to increase the exterior beauty of a home or residence. Through the use of light and shadows, landscape lighting can enhance colors and create beautiful visual effects. Landscape lighting is one of the most powerful upgrades you can make to the exterior of any home.

In addition to aesthetics and overall curb appeal, an outdoor low voltage landscape lighting system is an affordable, efficient, and powerful solution for both safety and security. Properly placed outdoor lighting can eliminate trips, falls, and other accidents from occurring. It can also deter intruders by illuminating entry points and any potential hiding spots in dark areas.

Key Points to Landscape Lighting:


•    Elevate the beauty of a property  

•    Increase the value of a home

•    Ensure safety & security 

•    Set the mood and ambiance

•    Expand the outdoor living spaces 

•    Create the illusion of spaciousness

Our design teams are the best around.  While there are several options in Holly Springs, North Carolina, to get your outdoor landscape lighting installed, this is a project you only want to do once. Hire the best, and get it done right the first time.  You’ll be glad you did. 


Outdoor Landscaping Lighting Services in Holly Springs, North Carolina

In addition to our professional designs, we offer the full-service package for all your outdoor lighting needs.  From installation, maintenance and repair and upgrades to your existing systems, we have you covered!  If you want a light on it, we can make it happen!


We install the following and more!



This is the “bread and butter” of any outdoor landscape lighting project.  Neatly trimmed yards and perfect hedges are great during the day!  Let us help you show them off at night too!  You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood with this simple improvement to your home!  Ask about our second story lighting, which adds a nice touch to any home!



Safety and beauty, together at last!  We can light any path or walkway. Whether it’s the primary walkway to the front door, a backyard trail for taking the dog out, or a just your favorite spot around the house, our path and area lights blend the perfect subtle lights needed to see, without the harsh reality of the outside flood lights!



Do you spend hours in your yard and gardens to keep things fresh, bright and well maintained?  If so, you’ll need us more than ever. Show off those beautiful landscapes areas around the home.  Nothing will give your home the full “estate” look like some well dimensioned lighting to cover your house and those special outdoor garden areas and trees. 



Have a driveway that’s difficult to manage? Tired of guests and family members driving onto your grass? Add some edge lighting to any driveway to create a visually appealing driveway for all to see!



Eliminate those trip and fall hazards and add beauty at the same time.  We can add outdoor led stair lights to any situation with landscape wire completely hidden from view!



Our retaining wall LED lighting is out of this world.  With lines that are completely hidden, either cut under the top stone or mortared along a crease away from view, adding fixtures to any wall gives it that wow factor you will love for years!



If you were inside your house, would you cook in the dark? We didn’t think so.  We can add lights to any project under construction or even those kitchens fully complete.



Outdoor firepits and fireplaces are fantastic.  Outdoor firepits and fireplaces with lighting are fantastic AND gorgeous.

Outdoor Landscaping Lighting Repair in Holly Springs, North Carolina

By now, you’ve seen all the different areas of your home we can light up with our highly efficient, perfectly placed LED outdoor lighting systems.  Did you know that in additional to our professional design and installation, we also service and repair existing systems?

For our customers with existing solar or halogen systems, our high efficiently LED systems are a great choice.    Not only do you get consistent operation, a solidly built fixture and an always on lifetime guarantee, you can still do your part for the environment (or in the case of halogens, save $$$$)!  Improvements in electric lighting over the years has allowed LED bulbs to be more practical and with improvements on efficiency and power. Compared to a halogen bulb, an LED bulb is more efficient on electricity, produces less heat when operating, and offers a longer lifespan. On top of its technical benefits, LED lighting also offers more flexibility in terms of controlling color temperatures and the angles of beam spreads. Pound for pound, LEDs also pack more power per watt of power consumed.

So whether you’re looking for a new system, to add to an existing system, or just need some good old fashioned repair, we have you covered.   Give us a call, make an appointment online or shoot us a text or email and we’ll be out right away!

Contact us now for all your Outdoor Landscape Lighting needs in Holly Springs, North Carolina

Experience the Prominent Nightscapes difference.  We’re here to serve you and your lighting needs. If you need it done, we have the experience, knowledge and professional teams to get it done right!  Follow the “Set up a Free Consultation” at the top of this page to book an appointment online!  Have some questions before you do so!  That’s great too. We want to hear from you. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your project!

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